So Called Dollars Listed By HK Number

Revised January 2018

DESIGNATING UNLISTED METAL VARIETIES: It has been common practice to add a new lower case letter after the HK number to designate a new variety. I have not done it this way because of all of the confusion it could create. NGC and others have begun to do this which is fine for now, but in the future it could obviously get confusing with the addition of more and more metal varieties and die combinations. What I have done is to not add on new letters at all, at least not for now. Instead I simply use the FIRST HK number for each type piece listed in HK followed by the unlisted metal or plating description. So looking at HK13-HK15 as an example, I list the unlisted varieties after HK15, using "HK13" followed by the metal or plating description. Thus I list three unlisted varieties for HK13 to HK15 as: HK13 Silver, HK13 gilt Brass/gilt Copper, and HK13 White Metal.


Sometimes there are two or more composition designations, separated by a slash(/). These are instances where composition descriptions in different auction catalogs were different, but possibly not different enough to create separate listings. Sometimes brass and gilt bronze look very similar for instance.

Note that unlisted entries include off metal varieties found ANYWHERE, not only sales catalogs used in tabulations. That is why some of the entries have zero tallies found.