So Called Dollars Listed By HK Number

Each "HK" number(Baker/Douglas number with the Washington SCD Study) is followed by an abbreviation indicating what the so called dollar is made of. For an explanation of these symbols, scroll down to the "Key To Compositions" in the far right column. Sometimes there are two or more composition designations, separated by a slash(/). These are instances where composition descriptions in different auction catalogs were different, but perhaps not different enough to create separate listings. Sometimes following the composition is the name(sometimes abbreviated) of the author of a published book other than HK where the medal can also be found. A list of these authors and their books can also be found in the far right column within "REFERENCES OTHER THAN "HK". Lastly there is sometimes a "see notes" link in parentheses. Click there for more info about that particular piece.

If you are looking at the Washington SCD Tally, you with have to look at either the 1st or 2nd edition So Called Dollar Tabulation to understand the following examples:

Examples of how to read the far left column:

  • HK1 has five listings. The fifth listing is "HK1 BZplWM". It reads:

    "HK1 in Bronze plated White Metal"

  • HK12 has five listings. It's first listing is "HK12 BZ, JulianCM39". It reads:

    "HK number 12 in Bronze, also found in "Medals of the United States Mint, The First Century" by R, W. Julian, 1977. It is listed in Julian's book as #CM39."

  • Note: Remember that entries in this column include off metal varieties found ANYWHERE, not only including catalogs used in tabulations, but also from various references, name it. That is why some of the entries in this column have zero examples found, AND are also not to be found anywhere in HK.