SCHOOL So Called Dollar Size Medals

Commemorative school medals such as these were usually not included in HK, although an example was included in the second edition of HK(HK506b). It was included because of it's obvious relation to HK506 and HK506a.

Haverford College Isaac Woods Pennsylvania Chartered erected medal

41.9 mm, White Metal

Twenty Fifth Anniversary Belmont Public School Philadelphia medal

38.2 mm, White metal

Augustana College Theological Seminary 1893 Rock Island Illinois medal

38.2 mm, Aluminum

Dickinson College Sunday School 1866 Susanna Wesley Feed lambs medal

41.6 mm, White metal

75th Anniversary Seton Hall College New Jersey 1856 1931 medal

38.4 mm, Bronze

Haverford College Isaac Woods Pennsylvania Society Friends 1802 medal

41.7mm, Bronze

Bethany Sabbath School 25th Anniversary 1883 medal

35.0 mm, White Metal

Old Round House Le Roy New York Scholar Dedication medal

34mm, Copper, By George Lovett. Image courtesy Dave Baldwin.


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