Strictly presidential and inaugural so called dollar size medals were not included in HK. Presidential pieces often WERE included if one side of the medal seemed to commemorate something other than the president being depicted. There are many, many examples throughout HK (HK12, HK30, HK32a, HK39, HK127, HK136, HK275...etc..etc). At the time of HKs publication, many presidential so called dollar sized medals and tokens had already been cataloged elsewhere, the most obvious example being "Medallic Portraits of Washington" by William Baker (Republished and updated in 1999 by Russell Rulau and George Fuld). It would have been mostly redundant and pointless for the authors of HK to have included ALL presidential so called dollar size medals.

Garfield born 1831 died 1881 God reigns medal

37.7 mm, White metal

Lincoln Centennial 1809 1909 medal

38 mm, Bronze

McKinley Hobart Inauguration Washington DC March 1897 medal

38 mm, Bronze

George Washington outer wreath blank reverse medal

Obverse of Baker 451 with a blank reverse. 33.3 mm, Bronze

James Earl Fraser Roosevelt Memorial Association Founders Medal

From the collection of Dave Jensen. 34.2mm, Bronze


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